The important equation used here is the equation of Newton’s second law for accelerating bodies, i.e.∑ F =ma. Statistics – JEE Main Previous Year Question with Solutions, JEE Main Previous Year Questions Topicwise, NLM (Laws of Motion) – NEET Previous Year Questions with Complete Solutions, Kinematics 2D(Projectile Motion) – NEET Previous Year Question with Complete Solution, Kinematics 1D – NEET Previous Year Question with Complete Solution, NEET UG Previous Year Paper Chapter-wise with Solutions, Best App for JEE Preparation – Main & Advanced, JEE Main 2021 – Exam Pattern, Important Dates, Syllabus. JEE Main Previous Year Solved Questions on Fluid Mechanics. (D) $8.1 \times 10^{-6} \mathrm{J}$, The phase space diagram for a ball thrown vertically up from ground is, The phase space diagram for simple harmonic motion is a circle centered at the origin. $(\mathrm{D}) \rho \ell$. A solid sphere of radius R and density  is attached to one end of a mass-less spring of force constant k. The other end of the spring is connected to another solid sphere of radius R and density 3. September 13, 2019. Really helpful As far as JEE exams are concerned, you will get more question relating to fluid statics in JEE Main. Mock Test - Mechanical Properties o.. The question bank consists of Answer key and solutions to all the problems with … Match the statements from List I with those in List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists. A glass capillary tube is of the shape of truncated cone with an apex angle  so that its two ends have cross sections of different radii. This document is highly rated by Class 11 students and has been viewed 35312 times. ], Two soap bubbles A and B are kept in a closed chamber where the air is maintained at pressure $8 \mathrm{N} / \mathrm{m}^{2}$. Q1: A solid sphere of radius R acquires a terminal velocity v1 when falling (due to gravity) through a viscous fluid having a coefficient of viscosity η. They get arranged into an equilibrium state as shown in the figure with a tension in the string. If the entire arrangement is put in a freely falling elevator the length of the water column in the capillary tube will be, In a freely falling elevator, g = 0 Water will rise to the full length i.e., 20 cm to tube, Q6: A spherical solid ball of volume V is made of a material of density ρ1. (B) $\sqrt{\rho_{\mathrm{a}} \rho_{\ell}}$ Fluid mechanics can broadly be divided into fluid dynamics and fluid statics. If each of these acquires a terminal velocity v2, when falling through the same fluid, the ratio (v1/v2) equals, Q2: Spherical balls of radius R are falling in a viscous fluid of viscosity with a velocity v. The retarding viscous force acting on the spherical ball is, (a) directly proportional to R but inversely proportional to v, (b) directly proportional to both radius R and velocity v, (c) inversely proportional to both radius R and velocity v, (d) inversely proportional to R but directly proportional to velocity v, Answer: (b) directly proportional to both radius R and velocity v, Q3: A long cylindrical vessel is half-filled with a liquid. Recommended for JEE 2020/2021 aspirants. 3. The water rises to a height h in the capillary tube above the water surface in the beaker. As can be seen, the often neglected chapters viz. Practice Now. (D) h is proportional to contact angle $\theta$. It is floating vertically in water in half-submerged state. Course covers complete syllabus of JEE/NEET/CBSE/State Boards. 2261 Views. Find all the NEET Physics Important Questions from the chapter Fluid Mechanics with detailed solution. The class would involve polls and solutions for JEE Main and Advanced level problems on Fluid Mechanics. In the following, state of the lift’s motion is given in List I and the distance where the water jet hits the floor of the lift is given in List II. Then, Consider the spring-mass system, with the mass submerged in water, as shown in the figure. It is falling through a liquid of density ρ2 (ρ2 < 1). The spheres are connected by a massless string and placed in liquids $\mathrm{L}_{1}$ and $\mathrm{L}_{2}$ of densities $\sigma_{1}$ and $\sigma_{2}$ and viscosities $\eta_{1}$ and $\eta_{2}$, respectively. JEE Advanced Analysis: difficulty level of paper: There are two Papers in JEE- Advanced Paper-1 and Paper-2, each containing three parts, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Free PDF download of HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics Part-1 Chapter 13 - Fluid Mechanics solved by Expert Physics Teachers on Liquids and gases are classified together as fluids because they exhibit the same flow phenomena and have an identical equation of motion. Assertion and Reason. IIT JEE Mains Previous Year Questions Problem for Fluid Mechanics. (B) $2.7 \times 10^{-6} \mathrm{J}$ Water is also leaking out of a hole of area 1 cm2 at its button. 12 Comments. The question which has been given only is JEE Advanced students, that is, to give you a cheeky language that is difficult to understand, and is able to practice and be able to do so. The complete arrangement is placed in a liquid of density 2 and is allowed to reach equilibrium. The main equation used in fluid statics is the equation of Newton’s second law for nonaccelerating bodies, i.e. Practice Now. Share This Post Facebook ... Test Series for JEE Main, JEE Advanced and NEET, Important questions of … fluid mechanics and mechanical properties of matter have a significant weightage. (C) half-filled if $\rho_{\mathrm{C}}$ is more than 0.5 IIT-JEE. ... we will be starting from the very basics and cover everything till JEE Advanced level. Problems Sheets are a collection of a question bank for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. (A) more than half-filled if $\rho_{\mathrm{c}}$ is less than 0.5 Click here to refer the most Useful Books of Physics. Thank you for the stuff You don't wanna miss them. GATE ME. Fluid dynamics is the study of fluids in motion. The course has been designed to have lectures followed by quiz to assess the understanding in real time. (B) $2 \pi \mathrm{RT}$ A total number of 9,21,261 candidates were registered for B. E. /B. (C) If this experiment is performed in a lift going up with a constant acceleration, then h decreases., Several times in JEE Exams questions from the laws of thermodynamics were mixed with the calorimetry. (B) $3.3 \times 10^{-3} \mathrm{m}$ Practice Important Questions on Kinematics for JEE Advanced. (A) $\sqrt{\frac{\rho_{\mathrm{a}}}{\rho_{\ell}}}$ Fluid Mechanics is a study of fluids (liquids, gases and plasmas) and the forces acting on it. JEE Main Paper does not follow a definite trend when it comes to the type of questions asked or important topics. ... For getting an idea of the type of questions asked, refer the Previous Year Question Papers. Some of the fields where fluid dynamics is applied are meteorology, oceanography, aeronautical engineering, the study of blood flow and many more. Practice Now. Dear IIT JEE Mains and Advanced aspirants, I am sharing brief revision notes and solved previous questions on the Physics topic "Fluid Dynamics". If $\rho_{\mathrm{C}}$ is the relative density of the material of the shell with respect to water, then the correct statement is that the shell is When the ball is moving with terminal velocity, a = 0, Answer: (b) Vg(ρ1–ρ2)k\sqrt{\frac{Vg(\rho _{1} – \rho _{2})}{k}}kVg(ρ1​–ρ2​)​​, Q7: Water flows into a large tank with a flat bottom at the rate of 10-4 m3s-1. The phase space diagram for one cycle of this system is, Two solid spheres A and B of equal volumes but of different densities dA and dB are connected by a string. (D) the light sphere is completely submerged. questions r good but it would be nice if there r some more qns. Be strong in the concepts of Waves & Sound, Heat & Thermodynamics, Modern physics and Errors & Experiments. Question Bank for JEE Main & Advanced Physics Fluid Mechanics, Surface Tension & Viscosity Self Evaluation Test - Mechanical P.. Fluid statics is the study of fluids at rest. (A) For a given material of the capillary tube, h decreases with increase in r In JEE Main, If a student will be scoring less than 50 marks in Physics: Be selective in Solving Advanced Physics Questions. Sphere P is dropped into a liquid of density 0.8 gm $\mathrm{cm}^{-3}$ and viscosity $\eta=3$ poiseulles. We will cover the complete chapter in a single day. ExamSIDE.Com. If the surface tension of water is S, its density is , and its contact angle with glass is $\theta$, the value of h will be (g is the acceleration due to gravity), If the piston is pushed at a speed of 5 $\mathrm{mms}^{-1}$, the air comes out of the nozzle with a speed of Sphere Q is dropped into a liquid of density 1.6 gm $\mathrm{cm}^{-3}$ and viscosity $\eta=2$poiseulles. ... Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Hydrology Irrigation Environmental Engineering When it goes further to a depth of d2, it experiences a pressure of 8.08 x 106 Pa. Then d1 – d2 is approximately (density of water = 103 ms-2 and acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms-2), Q9: Water from a pipe is coming at a rate of 100 litres per minute. (B) For a given material of the capillary tube, h is independent of $\sigma$. (D) $8 \mathrm{ms}^{-1}$, If the density of air is $\rho_{\mathrm{a}}$ and that of the liquid $\rho_{\ell}$, then for a given piston speed the rate (volume per unit time) at which the liquid is sprayed will be proportional to The angle of contact between water and the wall of the capillary tube is $\theta$. The ratio of the terminal velocities of P and Q is, A drop of liquid of radius R = $10^{-2}$ m having surface tension S = $=\frac{0.1}{4 \pi} \mathrm{Nm}^{-1}$ divides itself into K identical drops. (D) $4.1 \times 10^{-3} \mathrm{m}$, After the drop detaches, its surface energy is Maximum marks for both papers together is 372. Numerical Value Type Questions - Me.. Each chapter in a booklet is presented as a DPP containing questions of both JEE Main and Advanced level. Ignore the mass of water in the meniscus. The orifice is initially closed and water is filled in it up to height H. Now the top is completely sealed with a cap and the orifice at the bottom is opened. ... JEE Advanced Physics Chemistry Mathematics. IIT JEE Main / Advanced Physics 2018 Fluid Mechanics – kind of objective questions to expect /practice tests. By Team eSaral. Continuity equation, variation of pressure with depth, and Bernoulli equation are important. So do not ignore them. Each subject in each paper has 18 questions each. IIT-JEE. The water rises up to 8 cm. Find the fall in height (in mm) of water level due to opening of the orifice. Register for online coaching for JEE Mains & Advanced, NEET, Engineering and Medical entrance exams. The sphere is broken into 27 identical spheres. When the lift is at rest, the water jet coming out of the hole hits the floor of the lift at a distance d of 1.2 m from the person. (C) $5.4 \times 10^{-6} \mathrm{J}$ September 14, 2019. Surface tension of the soap-water used to make bubbles is 0.04 N/m. Keep posting these type of questions, Download India's Leading JEE | NEET | Class 9,10 Exam preparation app, Fluid Mechanics – JEE Advanced Previous Year Questions with Solutions, A cylindrical vessel of height 500 mm has an orifice (small hole) at its bottom. This is an OPEN BOOK examination, but COMPRESSIBLE FLOW DATA TABLES are included. (D) less than half-filled if $\rho_{\mathrm{C}}$ is less than 0.5. ∑ F =0. (B) more than half-filled if $\rho_{\mathrm{c}}$ is more than 1.0 Some water comes out from the orifice and the water level in the vessel becomes steady with height of water column being 200 mm. Paper-1 For Complete study material & Video Lectures Download eSaral APP: . in this examination. The JEE (Main) Examination for B. E. /B. menu ExamSIDE Questions. The correct statement(s) is (are) The diameter of the water stream at a distance 2 × 10–1 m below the tap is close to, According to equation of continuity a1v1 = a2v2, Q5: A 20 cm long capillary tube is dipped in water. JEE Advanced Questions - Fluid Mechanics - Part 1 - YouTube By Team eSaral. This PDF file contains hand written notes on Fluid Dynamics that will help you revise quickly, refer to solved previous year questions and help score more marks in JEE Mains / Advanced exams. [Neglect the effect of grav, If the radius of the opening of the dropper is r, the vertical force due to the surface tension on the drop of radius R (assuming r <