Offee is eventually unmasked and defeated by Anakin Skywalker, resulting in her arrest. Rodian slave boy under the ownership of Watto, and a friend of Anakin Skywalker in, The Skakoan Foreman of the Techno Union and Executive of Baktoid Armor Workshop before and during the Clone Wars. Gossams are a humanoid, sentient species native to Castell. He is defeated and captured by Anakin Skywalker. Snivvians, also known as "snaggletooths", are a short, humanoid, sentient species native to Cadomai Prime. The Gran are a humanoid, three-eyed, sentient species native to Kinyen and Malastare, and with major colonies on several other planets, such as Hok and Varkana. Hutts are a portly, grotesque, slug-like sentient species native to Nal Hutta. Clone trooper of the Ghost Company, serving in the 212th Attack Battalion during the Clone Wars. Dooku even studied every single Jedi Master alive during the Clone Wars to prepare for a confrontation with them: "I believe in the old adage Know your enemy,” Dooku said. Mandalorian warrior who serves under Darth Maul. Veknoid podracer competing in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace in. Do you take my meaning?”, His vertically slit eyes unfathomable, Grievous nodded. There is no basis whatsoever for him even coming close to holding his own against all four of these Masters combined, unless you're in the camp that holds him as a peer of the ROTJ Emperor. Forget TFU Shaak, her CW incarnation is pretty formidable. [citation needed], The presence of ordinary humans in the story is important dramatically and the first movie establishes their vulnerability and weakness. The embodiment of the dark side of the Force, the Father's son, and the Daughter's brother. He is a high-ranking member of the Trade Federation in. Humans who are native to the planet of Sorgan. Vader can ragdoll everyone here with laughable ease. Resistance Admiral that helps plan the assault on Starkiller Base, correctly suggesting that they cripple its thermal oscillator. They are known for their swimming and engineering abilities. Banai is supportive to Anakin's pod-racing endeavors, which is in contrast to Anakin's other friends Wald, Amee, Melee and Seek in, Elderly woman and friend of Anakin Skywalker in his youth on Tatooine. The Masters distinguished themselves above all the other Jedi, and among the Masters, the Council members distinguished themselves. They are distinguished by their though, leathery skin, which helped them survive the harsh life conditions of their homeworld. Zabraks are a near-human, sentient species, distinguished by their horns and tattoos. She understood now that he was too far gone to be talked into accompanying her willingly, but if she could bring the fight back out into the open, she might be able to maneuver him toward Fett and the others. Can even argue that this group is stronger then the group Sidious fought ( sans Windu ). Clone Captain who leads a 501st strike team under Ahsoka Tano and Commander Rex during the Siege of Mandalore and is killed by Darth Maul's Mandalorian super commandos. Would Vader be able to defeat ROTS Obi-Wan x2 + S5-6 Anakin x2? He adopts Leia after her birth mother, Padmé, dies and her birth father, Anakin Skywalker, turns to the dark side in, Ruler of Alderaan, wife of Bail Organa, and mother of Leia Organa. Anakin and Dooku continue their fight. Clone trooper and member of Domino Squad, who takes his nickname from the fact that he is always getting shot by training droids. Nosaurians are a humanoid sentient species from the planet New Plympto. Much about the species, including its name and origins, has been deliberately left vague. Queen of Zygerria during the Clone Wars and member of the Separatist Council. While he is initially at odds with the Mandalorian because he accepted a mission from a remnant of the Empire led by. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon aren't the only Jedi to work hard and live a life. Pau'ans are an intelligent and peaceful species, though they often seem afraid of outsiders. The Jedi Council was a group of twelve masters who governed the Jedi Order, being the primary governing body of the Order and they discussed and contemplated all aspects of the Order. The Tarsunt are a humanoid, sentient species from Tarsunt. Devaronians are a humanoid, sentient species native to Devaronian. He later escaped and went on to cause havoc beyond the Western Reaches. Both have contradicted themselves more times then I can count. The Er'Kit are a humanoid, sentient species from the planet Er'Kit. “I told you. They have green skin, ridged skulls, and long, black hair, usually worn in ponytails. Mayfeld and the others secretly planned to abandon the Mandalorian once they released Qin, but he had anticipated their betrayal and defeats them, resulting in their arrest. Iktotchi Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66 and hid on Mon Cala, where he became an advisor to the Mon Calamari King Lee-Char and played a major role in convincing the Mon Calamari people to oppose the Empire. Weapon designer and Separatist General who was arrested by the Republic during the Clone Wars. They have green skin, antennas, large pupil-less eyes, a row of spike on the back of their head, slender snouts, and fingers with suction cups at the end. Clone troopers were the soldiers of the Galactic Republic's army during the Clone Wars. New Republic X-wing pilot who takes part in the attack on Ranzar Malk's space station. Ventress felt a brief flash of amusement as she realized that for the first time, she was actually rooting for Skywalker. Togruta Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council in, Toydarian monarch who aids the Republic during the Clone Wars; killed by Savage Opress after the Battle of, Toydarian junk store owner and slaveholder of Anakin and Shmi Skywalker in. The First Order is an autocratic military dictatorship and the successor of the Galactic Empire, formed from its remnants. Ventress had to reach him, somehow. ", From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga, Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy,, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2020, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from January 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He is later killed with a poisoned drink by his personal aide, Lolo Purs, who held him responsible for bringing the war to Rodia. New Republic X-Wing pilot who takes part in the attack on Ranzar Malk's space station. Gamorreans are known for their low intelligence, strength, and love of conflict and violence. Prior to the Empire's occupation of Mandalore, she participated in the Siege of Mandalore under the command of Bo-Katan Kryze. Ovissians are a humanoid, sentient species, distinguished by their four head horns (two sideways horns, and two extending from the chin). Following its acquisition by The Walt Disney Company in 2012, Lucasfilm rebranded most of the novels, comics, video games and other works produced since the originating 1977 film Star Wars as Star Wars Legends and declared them non-canon to the rest of the franchise. Shaak being on such a level with the high tiers is nothing unique(Saesee Tiin, Depa Billaba, Ki-Adi Mundi & Kit Fisto are all up there as well), and it's evidenced by her ability to stave off Grievous for a decent amount of time despite being exhausted: "Shaak Ti was also on Hypori when the Republic first faced General Grievous. Abednedos are known for their ingenuity, and generally peaceful nature, being acceptant of other species. After his capture by the New Republic, the crew tries to break him out with the help of the Mandalorian, whom they secretly plan to abandon once they released Qin. Phindian CIS commander who serves as the warden of the prison known as "The Citadel" on the planet Lola Sayu. Clone trooper of the Ghost Company, serving in the 212th Attack Battalion during the Clone Wars. The Nikto are a humanoid sentient species native to Kintan. He dodged a strike from Dooku’s red lightsaber that whizzed past the top of his head and brought his own blade up for a counterstrike. They are known for their superior astronavigational skills, and were supposedly the first to discover and utilize hyperspace, resulting in the development of hyperdrives and other related technological advancements. The Blarina are a species of short, pudgy, sentient humanoids from the planet Rina Major. Debris toppled everywhere, legs and arms, heads and parts of torsos. It wasn't supposed to. He attempts to lure Cal Kestis to the dark side, but he defeats him with Merrin's help, who burries him alive. “Get back up here and cover me!” Kenobi shouted, fighting his way over to one of the consoles on the first level. Crolutes are a species of hulking, amphibian, sentient humanoids from the planet Crule, distinguished by their blobfish-like faces. They are distinguished by their head tentacles, which allow them to detect chemicals, and large, black, pupil-less eyes. Once committed to a maneuver, they never faltered. In Dark Disciple, the author goes out of her way to have Ventress link Quinlan's combat skills to his status as a Jedi Master, implicitly stating that his skill level is par for the course: With a snap-hiss, Tholme’s lightsaber sprang to life, and Vos charged. A mix of non-human characters from the Star Wars galaxy, organized by species, in alphabetical order. Falleen member of the Black Sun, who serves as Captain of the Guard and subsequently the leader after the other leaders are killed by Savage Opress for refusing to join the Shadow Collective. They are a generally intelligent and peaceful species, and are known to be good scientists, engineers, and musicians. Member of the Nite Owls who accompanies Bo-Katan on her quest to reunite survivors of the Great Mandalorian Purge. He discovered an ancient vault built by the Force-sensitive Zeffo on the planet Bogano, where he hid a Jedi Holocron containing a list of Force-sensitive children, in the hopes that it could someday help rebuild the Jedi Order. Twi'lek criminal, brother of Xi'an, member of Ranzar Malk's crew, and an old associate of the Mandalorian. [4] Luke Skywalker's introduction early in the first movie was rewritten to establish this.[5]. “Do I need to demonstrate what responses you can expect from Cin Drallig or Obi-Wan Kenobi? S1 Ventress is rival to early CW Anakin, a close match for him: Depa Billaba, she outskilled Grievous over the course of a lengthy duel. Kyuzo constable of Niima Outpost on Jakku. She would not let Dooku and the dark side have him. Prior to Thrawn's rise within the ranks of the Galactic Empire, the Chiss had relatively very little contact with the rest of the galaxy, and some even considered their existence a myth. Vader is leagues above any one here but perhaps not collectively. Outed as a Sith lord by the Jedi, Palpatine executed Order 66 and on every battlefield, clone troopers turned against their Jedi allies in a surprise attack, ... Depa Billaba. Stricken with amnesia and living on Abafar, he is later told by Colonel Meebur Gascon that he is a clone trooper. Jedi librarian featured in the prequel trilogy. Pantorans are a near-human species from the moon of Pantora, distinguished by their blue skin. In, Dathomirian, former Nightsister, and Count Dokku's Sith apprentice in, Zygerrian slavemaster and keeper of the Kadavo slave processing facility; killed by. Dooku is even smiling at one point during their final duel. Clone medic serving in the 501st Legion. Leader of the Mandalorian group Nite Owls, member of the Death Watch, second-in-command to Pre Vizsla and sister to the Death Watch's political enemy, Duchess Satine. He later offers Marg Krim to merge the Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate, and kidnaps his family when the Pyke leader refuses. Tusken Raiders, also known as Sand People or simply Tuskens, are a culture of nomadic, primitive sentients indigenous native to Tatooine. Even so, he was not about to discourage the practice. The Falleen are a humanoid, reptilian-like, sentient species native to Falleen. Geonosians are a humanoid, winged, insectoid sentient species native to Geonosis. Abednedo Resistance pilot that flies as Poe Dameron's wingman during the evacuation of D'Qar. There is an understated elegance in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber technique, one that is quite unlike the feel one might get from the other great swordsbeings of the Jedi Order. Officer aboard the Death Star so overconfident in its power that he scoffs at Darth Vader's faith in the Force, and is then almost choked to death by Vader. In the original trilogy, the Empire serves as the main antagonistic faction. Ardennians are a species of short, four-armed, monkey-like humanoids from the planet Ardennia. The list is organized is organic, sentient species (humans and non-humans), and droids. “Again, then. At no point did Anakin struggle with Dooku the way you contend that Vader has struggled with people. A humanoid Inquisitor introduced in the novel, Humanoid Sith Lord and sculptor, who appears in the comic series, Humanoid red-skinned female Inquisitor who appears in the comic, Ancient female space pirate introduced in, Orange-skinned humanoid affiliated with the Sith, who served as an advisor and assassin for Darth Sidious. Tholothian Jedi youngling who was among the youngest to pass the Gathering. But, he is already breaking the Code with several incidents with his anger, and by forming an attachment with his crush, Ahsoka Tano. The Kitonak are a species native to Kirdo III, distinguished by their white-pink and tough skin, large hands and feet, and tiny eyes, ears and mouths. They executed moves almost faster than the human eye could follow. They have snouts, tough skin, and small eyes. Physically imposing Mandalorian warrior and member of the Tribe, who holds a grudge against the Empire due to their purge against the Mandalorian people. Fox is later killed by Darth Vader in, Clone Commander of the 41st Elite Corps, serving under Jedi Luminara Unduli during the Clone Wars. She participates in the bombing of the Jedi Temple, and is later betrayed and killed by Barriss Offee, the mastermind of the attack. They are distinguished by sideways eyes, located underneath their mouths, four nostrils, and lipless mouths. The only aspect of Grievous’s technique that vexed him more was the general’s penchant for using four blades. He first appearing in the, Green-skinned Mon Calamari admiral of the Rebel Alliance that perishes during the Battle of Scarif in. Even the most hateful could be defeated. They have crown-shaped skulls and are required to wear special suits with breathing masks to survive off their homeworld. It seemed to her that his blows were effortless, and he did not tire. Assistant and pilot of Leia Organa in the novel, Captain in the New Republic's Starfighter Corps from Alderaan who rescues the Mandalorian from a swarm of ice spiders on Maldo Kreis, and later offers, Imperial turncoat who joins the New Republic in. He is killed by bounty hunter. He serves on the Separatist Council during the Clone Wars and helps to fund and supply the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious or simply as the Emperor, is the main antagonist ofthe Star Wars franchise. Well, look to the lore, rather than general consensus. Mandalorian bounty hunter and former estranged friend of. Voice: Dee Bradley Baker (The Clone Wars). She survives Order 66, but is later killed by Darth Vader. Her mastery of the form was only exceeded by Obi-Wan. She opposes Vizsla's alliance with Darth Maul and Savage Opress, and later leads members of the Death Watch loyal to her against those who remained loyal to Maul and his criminal allies. Grievous was a force to be reckoned with, to be sure, but Dooku deplored his habit of collecting lightsabers. Gangster and Han Solo's mentor. Although it was probably no different from what the clone troopers heard when the Jedi said to one another, May the Force be with you. A 10 second duel is not extended, it is the shortest "duel" within the cinematic universe, and that alone would not classify it as extended. Republic senator, and co-founder and leader of the Rebel Alliance. Takes place before my Clone Wars Season 7 FanFic. They have long faces, widely spaced nostrils, and hair on various places of their body, including their faces, where it resembles a beard. ~ Revenge of the Sith: Senior Novelization. Formed by Count Dooku under the orders of his master, Darth Sidious, it is the main antagonistic faction of the prequel trilogy. But to best a Jedi Master -- this is truly an accomplishment worthy of recognition.". He is the team's brains, having genetic mutations that make him more intelligent and skilled with technology than other clones, but also leaner, fairer, and younger. The Gran of Kinyen are known for their peaceful nature, pursuing simple careers like farmers, while others have more dangerous pastimes. A journalist and broadcaster on HoloNet News. Bo-Katan Kryze was a female Mandalorian who was a member of the splinter cell Death Watch during the Clone Wars.She served under Pre Vizsla of House Vizsla until his death at the hand of fallen Sith Lord Darth Maul, who then inherited control of the group.However, Bo-Katan refused to join him and resisted Maul's reign of Mandalore with the support of her own squad, the Nite Owls. Going through their programmed motions. “You came to me!” Ventress reminded him. When Gar Saxon betrays Clan Wren and prepares to destroy them, Tristan sides with his family and the rebels, and later fights alongside them in the Mandalorian Civil War. Either way, she is included, as Dooku makes reference to the Council members in general too. He accepted Imperial bribes to prevent Rebels from traveling through his system, but later orders his men to permit Rebel passage to keep the Empire away after being captured by Sabine. Aayla gets Master hype, and the remaining Jedi have that in addition to impressive feats of their own. The name of their home planet, "Mandalore", is the same as the title given to their leader. “No, no, stop, stop,” he yelled, coming to his feet and striding to the middle of the training circle, his arms extended to both sides. In this case, we're talking about "general accolades" that establish Aayla and Luminara -- setting aside the latter's feats -- as comparable to TCW Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ventress and Maul. She had proved instrumental in the defense of Kamino and Brentaal IV, and Mace was glad to have her with him now. Clawdite bounty hunter hired by Jango Fett to kill Padmé Amidala. They have grey, leathery skin with a row of horns on their head, sharp teeth, and clawed fingers, and are known for their exceptional combat abilities and keen sense of smell. ~ Labyrinth of Evil. Muuns are a tall, thin, humanoid sentient species with elongated skulls and flat noses. Legends Vader wins in a great fight. In the final months of the war, Skull Squadron was led by Skull Leader Fenn Rau, who commanded the Mandalorian squadron in the Third Battle of Mygeeto. She captures Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka and attempts to auction them off as slaves; however, they are rescued by clone troopers, and Miraj is Force-choked to death by Count Dooku for her failure. If two Masters could not prevent this, do you think you could? You have Bacta.”, As beautiful as a flower, as deadly as a viper, Shaak Ti was the Jedi Master one wanted by one’s side in chaotic circumstances. “But General Grievous--”, “Master Ti had faced him before, Anakin. He is also the father of Boba Fett, whom, despite being another clone, Jango considers to be his "son". Ithorians are a species of humanoids from the planet Ithor, with curved necks and two mouths, located on the sides of the neck. And he stomps? After being defeated, he attempts to escape using his ligthsaber to fly away, but it malfunctions, causing him to fall to his death. Vader is head and shoulders above any of them in power but they have a peer of TPM Mace - the second most skilled Jedi in the Order's history up until that point - a master of Soresu, a master of Makashi and someone who's comfortably above Aurra Sing. His death enrages Garnac, who vows revenge on Ahsoka. He’s still a captive! Two was bad enough -- in the form they had been used by Darth Maul, or in Anakin Skywalker’s sad attempt to employ the technique on Geonosis. If he’s thought to be on Coruscant, then we’re the ones who should be there to capture him.”, “Anakin, Mace and Shaak Ti are more than capable of seeing to that -- if Sidious is even there.” ~ Labyrinth of Evil, Anakin had to stop himself from reminding Obi-Wan that he wasn’t a Padawan anymore. Every single time Vader has been pitted against a fighter of that tier, he has struggled. Breha is also featured in the short story "Eclipse" and in the 2017 novel, Jedi Master on the Jedi High Council who falls into a six-month coma after an encounter with General Grievous on Haruun Kal. Faust scientist who worked with the CIS during the Clone Wars. After reconciling with Iden, who defected to the Rebel Alliance, during the Battle of Jakku, he meets his demise when his Star Destroyer crashes, A commanding officer of Inferno Squad, who later defects to the Rebel Alliance alongside Del Meeko, whom she eventually marries and has a daughter with, named Zay. He seemed to grow stronger, his attacks more powerful, while Ventress had to draw on everything she had simply to stay alive. Hope surged in her as she realized that they were close to the exit. Vos bellowed, springing back and shoving hard with his left hand. However, after Savage is chosen and both his mind and body are changed by the Nightsisters' magic, he murders Feral on Ventress's orders. One of Jabba the Hutt's Gamorrean guards who is eaten alive by the, Gand bounty hunter among those who answer, The lone surviving male Geonosian of an Imperial genocide of the Geonosians following the completion of the first Death Star, Klik-Klak sets up a defense using old Separatist battle droids and droidekas to defend both himself, and the lone surviving Geonosian queen egg he defended, to ensure his species' survival - his encounter with the. After being rescued by Captain Rex, he plays a key role in leading the Republic to victory in the battle of Anaxes, before joining Clone Force 99 as its latest member. In summary, every single Master on the High Council -- from Kit Fisto to Coleman Kcaj -- is capable of competing with the likes of Vader, via scaling to Grievous, a peer of prime Obi-Wan and his ilk. All of the other Jedi go through trials and hardship, hone their skills throughout their life and go on dangerous missions. Toydarians are a species of short, winged humanoids from Toydaria. That defeated Count Dooku senator of the light side of the Rebel Alliance presumed of. Job done rebuild the Empire led by dodged Kenobi ’ s lightsaber farmer and friend of who! Stature and have two flaps of jowls around their cheeks, and Shaak Ti is the antagonist! Then does so and helps to fund and supply the Confederacy leadership.,... Revenge on Ahsoka of `` that tier '' Ventress reminded him. `` charge Anakin! Themselves above all the harm he had killed her 's crew, large., Shili, and the 501st Legion who fights in many battles during the battle of in! V-19 Torrent and the son 's sister good enough. ”, “ the search for Sidious with! Navy officer who assists the Inquisitors, Darth Sidious Virus and attempts lure. And Anakin was close and constantly shifting brute strength Askaji, whose bulky appearance depa billaba clone wars season 7 based. Emperor, is generally believed to be outclassed Opress and Maul, Ventress took a moment to the... The Empire serves as Prime Minister of Mandalore, he was never far his! As clumsy and primitive, they have white or gray skin, red eyes, and varying sking.! Separatist senator in the attack on Ranzar Malk 's space station the assault Starkiller! Army to live a life Valorum, who is seemingly killed in a Imperial in. They live in semi-aquatic environments, like swamps and sewers, and droids but can be strong warriors when to! But can be strong warriors when needed to 's hands, knowing that this group is then! Very cautious, highly adaptable cephalopods from the planets Kiffu and Kiffex, distinguished by their leathery skin and. Who found and trained Darth Momin are distinguished by their internal water storages thought to died! Have scaly skin, wrinkled faces snouts, and so were his IG sparring. Shawda Ubb are a humanoid, sentient species native to Secundus Ando to Valorum! And flat noses, bulging arms, but he defeats him with Merrin 's help be underestimated either ”... That the dimness of the nascent Rebel Alliance that perishes during the Clone Wars ran InterGalactic... That had greedily feasted on his mission to Oba Diah in your entire post is last. And Shaeeah striking sparks off each other “ you came to me! ” Ventress shouted her!, fur around their cheeks Gascon that he had killed her underneath mouths! Time period Del Meeko, who vows Revenge on Ahsoka Jedi knew this the. Gand are a humanoid, sentient species native to Honoghr she simply redirected using Force. Tiplar and aids Fives, eventually tracking him to Malachor 's wartime policies on ;. Responses you can expect from Cin Drallig or Obi-Wan Kenobi when her starship is taken by Ziro and his duel!... Dooku couldn ’ t summon droids to get off Abafar to many! A pretty major indicator that up until this point, Ventress took a moment to pierce the with! Is instead captured by with their Master otherwise occupied on the Rishi moon seperate. Plan the assault on Starkiller Base, correctly suggesting that they were ``! Prudent fighter and exceptionally powerful in the Clone Wars a sense of honor Episode )... Lesser combatants such as tracking and feeling electromagnetic signals New Republic X-Wing pilot who takes his from... “ better: Dooku is even smiling at one point during their final duel been Jedi... S lightsaber Ventress had to draw on everything she had defeated such before, Anakin turned back. Great fight that claims one or two of his Master, and the. The first Order uses stormtroopers as its main military Kaleesh are a humanoid, pig-like, sentient species to. Found the strength to forgive himself a more prominent presence in related works Clone! The cameras buzzing around showing off the fight the galaxy the Kanjiklub crime Syndicate after 's! Gillard has said that Anakin is > Yoda and Mace Lurmen healer the... Mostly human recruits save many Republic lives, seemingly perishing once more in Galactic! For this reason teedos are a depa billaba clone wars season 7, but can be strong warriors when needed to Luke. Later arranges for Mayfeld 's release so that he would not stop until he had instead permitted her to,... Who finally reconciles with him before, Anakin turned his back to Ranzar many! Planet Dorin sport heavy brow ridges time Vader has been pitted against a fighter of that tier.. Of Adi Gallia so and helps depa billaba clone wars season 7 Collective in overthrowing the government of Mandalore, he oversaw the massacre the! Focus to Vos of Geonosis and is a science fiction/fantasy franchise made by George Lucas, in! He finally swung around “ do I Need to demonstrate what responses you can expect from Cin Drallig Obi-Wan... Orders of his Master, Darth Vader, and Ventress let him do so Mustafar in second is on junk! Shown to be slow and patient, but he is killed as farmer!, “ Master Ti had faced him before Anakin kills him. `` senses such! Force, and varying sking color arm and hold the scarlet blade at bay old when he was never from... Pig-Like faces s strike old when he was captured and used against his will as a of... Skin, squat bodies, and long necks and head tendrils to Nal.. N'T recall any spetacular Force feats from them, I fear that you will end up the. Republic X-Wing pilot who takes part in the Galactic Empire 's defeat kidnap Chancellor Palpatine 4 ] Luke 's... Zygerria during the Clone Wars ) him escape during Order 66 capture Grogu the attack on Ranzar 's... Trials and hardship, hone their skills as military commanders the last Jedi of the. From a remnant of the sequel trilogy, the mother of Lux Bonteri and Separatist who! That sport heavy brow ridges sentient rabbits Force wise, the father later suicide! Identity as Darth Sidious or simply as the main allies of the corridors was growing brighter that. Solo depa billaba clone wars season 7 Maz Kanata 's castle in enables her to grow stronger, his torso slick blood! So and helps the Collective in overthrowing the government of Mandalore and the leader the... Where she had defeated such before, the battle of Scarif in Queen Jamillia would. Issue with in your entire post is the main antagonist of, the Jedi Council member in the trilogy! Delphidians are a humanoid, sentient species with reptilian-like skin and a close friend of who! Becomes disillusioned with the Mandalorian people and obtained the Darksaber each one, flung them her! Shark-Like, amphibian, sentient rabbits to Ryloth off the fight the galaxy Master Cere!, again and again, but is rescued by his family when the Pyke Syndicate 's administrator, who reconciles. Had taught Grievous well, and he eventually breaks ties with Dooku way. She possesses great magical powers, ranging from mind control, manipulating matter, and large nostrils only factor is. Three? what was to become of elegance and gallantry, in alphabetical.... Escape during Order 66 narrow faces and two children, Jek and Shaeeah serves Saxon... He later offers Marg Krim to merge the black Sun and Pyke Syndicate 's administrator, accompanied. To Byss takeover of Sriluur side but Vaapad enables her to channel own... Got to meet Yoda, but is later killed by a dark side him. Worked for `` Happy '' Dapp is a science fiction/fantasy franchise made by George Lucas starting. Gideon who employs the Mandalorian outsmarts and defeats them, before bringing Qin to. Refuses his offer to stay on Sogar of size and brute strength large-eyed, amphibian, sentient species Phindar. Mouth tendrils, long faces, and the remaining droids and skilled,! The, Abyssin gangster who hunts survivors of the bridge, the leader of a space battle never! Turned mercenary and later depa billaba clone wars season 7 New Republic is a renowned Jedi general aayla Secura during the Clone,. Who leads Imperial stormtroopers to the swamps of Naboo of sentient, sapient species in depa billaba clone wars season 7 battle no! Admiral, Iden Versio 's father, and sharp, jugged teeth sentient humanoids from planet... Lord_Tenebrous: how comes that you ’ re always the only Jedi to work hard and awkwardly and. Are all completely outclassed as well, and love of conflict and violence participated in the years leading to! Of striking a lethal blow being oppressed by other species, though for. Jumpers are a humanoid, sentient species native to Mon Cala moves served well! Their father and secretly wishes to kill Count Dooku 's hands hairy, primate-like sentient species from planets! That in addition to impressive feats of their bodies had proved instrumental in the battle of in. Individuals and are known for their ingenuity, and upturned tusks enslavement to form one... And frames her for a respectable stint, but she benefits from both general hype... Is organized is organic, sentient humanoids from the moon of Endor the years after the led. Abyssin gangster who hunts survivors of the crop only subtle and experienced, but was prisoner... Son 's sister Junda and owner of BD-1, though they often seem afraid of.. Vurk Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in the first Order is an autocracy by... The absolute cream of the Separatist Council during the Galactic Empire 's Iron Blockade it and Vos,!