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The Metro Jackson Alumni Chapter would like to welcome you to our chapter website. As a 501(c ) (3) non-profit charitable organization, all contributions are used to support our mission, and continue our primary objectives of student recruitment, scholarship assistance and community service.

What our president says

As President of Metro Jackson Alcorn Alumni Chapter Inc., I am honored to serve the chapter in all efforts in supporting our beloved “Mother Alcorn”.

In keeping with our chapter’s scripture Ephesians 4:16, we all realize we must be on one accord to maintain a strong membership.

I invite all Alcornites and supporters in the Metro Jackson area to join the Metro Jackson family.

DeKendric D. Stamps, ‘05 ,Chapter President

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Alumni support is built on the conviction that being good is not enough on the certain knowledge that legislative money is a foundation on which to build not a cushion on which to rest.

Click PDF download button to access membership application.  If using the PayPal option below please email your membership application to metrojacksonalcornalumni@gmail.com

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